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A woman of heart and mind.

Born to a Bolivian cardiologist father and a 3rd order Franciscan nun mother, Erika is no stranger to matters of the heart and spirit. She grew up in California, and has mindfully crafted a reverent teaching and healing practice that is an embodiment of years of yoga practice (ashtanga, vinyasa, and bhakti), shamanic and Priestess training, and more recently, accreditation with the Modern Mystery School. she continues to work with her root teacher, Janet Stone, as a mentor and facilitator.


Erika lives in Northern California just over the Golden Gate, and teaches internationally.


Erika holds the potency of the ancient yoga teachings wrapped in the modern form of a music loving, dance friendly, joy-filled asana practice. Under her guidance students both go deep into the center of their hearts and also find new strengths and openings in their body. 
She offers each teaching with the wholeness of her being and brings the entire community along with her.
 - Janet Stone 
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