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What it's all about

Ayurveda is most likely what your Grandma cooked for you when you were sick. It's ancient medicine that takes a look at what is out of balance. Using herbal medicines, oils, LOTS of GHEE, nutritious foods and herbs for your Dosha (constitution) along with yoga, meditation are the cornerstones to live a life established in health. We will work directly with your lifestyle so that you can live a life of vitality, strong immunity and passion at any age. 

How to work with me

I offer a free 15 minute consultation. Let's connect and see how you can live your life in optimal health. I am an affiliate with Paavani Ayurveda. They are a women based eco-friendly company that uses only organic ingredients and I stand firmly behind. Shop for herbs, Ayurvedic oils, your whole dinacharya set. 

You receive a 10 % discount when you use my code erikav10.

Image by Chelsea shapouri
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