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Unveiling the
5 Koshas

As you begin to practice yoga, you realize that there is something beyond the physical poses. One of these knowings is that the soul is encased in the 5 Koshas, or sheaths. Each of them interpenetrate each other.


This is part of the system energy that the sages and mystics of yoga discovered to help lift the veil of illusion of separation.


In these three hours, we will dive into the 5 Koshas through mantra, asana, meditation, visualization, and at the end, we will enjoy prasad (sacred food and its practice). In this workshop, we will explore this concept and practice it through the body. We will begin to peel the layers of the onion, moving towards the center and upwards towards higher realms of our consciousness. You will begin to understand it in real time, and leave feeling connected to more parts of yourself, and taste the nectar of your efforts.



White Salmon, Washington

October 23, 2021



Cloudbreak Yoga

San Francisco CA

December 4, 2021


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