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Kali, Kamala, & Feminine Rising

Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body? Kamala Harris to Brett Kavanaugh, 2018

This moment (as in today, right now) is about the woman made wild by inequity, crying for the law to get its paws off of her. It's about the men who are inadvertently subject to the laws through every woman they know. It's about those people who have uteruses, and those who support, befriend, are related to them. It's undeniable. So, how do we move through this without complete pranic depletion?

As most of us know, we’ve just emerged from Beltain. May day. This moment of marketing a time of fertility, when the seeds begin to take root and bloom. We begin to think about what we are seeding and creating. The irony of this week is not lost on any of us in the midst. Truth is, the feminine is rising. Shakti - the divine feminine - has been rising for a while, and it will always be pushed against in this patriarchal world. The friction is real and undeniable, and we are all affected - the feminine parts of each and every one of us regardless of gender. And again, we find ourselves at a fulcrum point. It brings me to Kali. Her whole desire is Moksha= Liberation.

Kali beckons us to get crystal clear, to pull ourselves up from the trenches, to be tenacious, to form decisions that are not easy, but truthful. To wield our sword of Viveka= discernment. I invoke her and invite you to do the same as we continue this conversation, this inequity, this threat to humanity. As this happens, we remember that we are in a state of remembering how powerful we are. That she is the shakti (our primordial power), our sexuality, our orgasms, she is our birthing cries whether you identify with female or male. While we all move towards non-binary. Every being on this earth has been mid-wifed by a woman. As we continue to re-birth this earth, and mid-wife ourselves through this tumultuous and revolutionary time, let us stake our claim, of our darkness, our wisdom, our equanimity until we get to our most desired moment of equity. As we reflect each other, we do this practice for our ancestors. We are all reflecting each integration, we are all triggering each other, we are all awakening together. Our mothers, grandmothers who never had this ability to gather in this way because typically it was done through the patriarchal lense that disenfranchised the body that diminish the power of the feminine.

These are the practice that we plug into for integration. These practices cultivate our prana (Life Force) They empower us and we do it through sound, through song, through mantra, through movement, through community.

Thank you for keeping the fire lit with me.


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