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Hindu Temple

Sanctuary Yoga

Monthly 2-hour workshops of movement, bhakti & integration

with Erika Van Gemeren & Aya Dunin

The mirroring of worlds.

Our external world is a mirror of our internal world.


How we treat our body is a direct correlation to what shows up for us on the outside. If we are always in the yang-we will deplete our fire and we can see this on a global level right now. If we don’t tend to this fire (Agni)-the Fire dampens and it goes out. What a perfect time to call in some balance at the fall equinox. Let’s slow down, have more discernment of what we bring into our bodies, how we can be stewards to the earth, and bring this practice to our household. Tantra Yoga was for the householders- and now that studios are closed we must make this a living practice. We are birthing a new earth together.


Together, we will balance, slow down, and discern this moment, preparing for the turn of the year with themes that will support your inner world and how you relate to your outer world. We will be creating a fresh opening 2021. This series is beyond the mat but will include movement. Expect a 2-hour journey of meditation, yin, invocation, bhakti, vinyasa concluding with 20-minutes of discussion-based integration.

September 19: Harmonizing Polarities for the Fall Equinox

October 24: Harvesting the Abundance

November 21: Tending Light

December 19: Exploring the Cocoon for Winter Solstice

When: Every 3rd Saturday from 9:30 AM -> 12 Noon

Where: Via Zoom

Investment: $20-40 via Donation per session, or all four for $120


Which dates would you like to join the Yoga Sanctuary?

Thank you for registering!

We look forward to seeing you there! Look out in your email for a welcome letter with payment information.

With love,

Erika & Aya


About Erika & Aya

erika headshot.jpg

Erika Van Gemeren

Erika will be leading the Bhakti &  Vinyasa experience of this workshop, rooting in the deity Ganesha to ground us and create sthira, or steadiness. She will also support integration, informed by her deep work in Life Activation amongst other potent wisdoms. Expect chanting, asana, breathwork, corework and meditation.

Learn more about Erika here.


Aya Dunin

Aya will be leading with Yin Yoga, and drawing from her quantum healing & feminine embodiment practices, also guided by cross pollinated Earth wisdom philosophies. She will guide students to gaze towards their inner landscape. Though these practices might stir up some deep-seated emotions, she will hold a mindful and safe environment to transmute these into unconditional love. 

Learn more about Aya here.

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