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Mantra. Asana. Flow.

I teach vibrant and devotional public yoga classes all around the Bay Area.

Classes include heat built from the inside and often include live music from masterful artists.

Expect mantra, asana, flow, and incredibly supportive assists. 


These public classes are soulful, sweaty, and nurturing. I teach a Vinyasa Bhakti class that is fluid, sensual, vigorous, grounding and fun. Bhakti is a form of devotion and love expressed by mantra and chanting, so you’ll have the opportunity to dive right into the heart.


If you can't make it to class, consider signing up for private yoga classes in 5 and 10-packs for folks who can't always make it to class. This is an incredible way to develop your practice from the beginning or refine certain aspects that have been needing attention. Click here to learn more.

Public Class Schedule

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