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Good energy.

We are all looking for it, and sometimes it's harder to get to than we hope. There are just those moments when our soul needs a lift that is palpable and supports our self-realization. That's what Life Activation and Reiki is all about.

You are invited to experience this very potent and gentle lifting of the veil to get closer to yourself.



From My Clients:

I just received a life activation with Erika and the Magík that has flowed in the last 72 hours has been profound. I instantly felt lighter and energized after it. The following day I was guided to an event that appears to be a weekly gathering that I have been seeking out for at least 2 years. I am bubbling over with excitement of what the future has in store for me and I know in my heart Erika's session set this all into motion.

Victoria V, 2019


New Workshop:
Unveiling the
5 Koshas

As you begin to practice yoga, you realize that there is something beyond the physical poses. One of these knowings is that the soul is encased in the 5 Koshas, or sheaths. Each of them interpenetrate each other...

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